About CTA:

My name is Barbara Gile. Four years ago God put on my heart to create “Change The Atmosphere.” I had no idea of the magnitude of what that would mean. As it turns out it’s quite a lot. I am called to heal the hurting, lost and confused, replacing people’s hurt with leading them to know God’s purpose for their life. Establishing and increasing the Kingdom of God. My goal is to lead each person God sends to me into a heart transforming encounter. You see I believe that once a heart as encountered God that leaves less ground for the enemy to steal.

I have been called by God to position myself for people to access God through me.

Here is a small part of my testimony:

Twenty Nine years ago I was lured with drugs to get into a car which began a horrific night of being kidnapped and raped Halloween Night for eight hours. There is no doubt in my mind that they weren’t serial killers. I’m the one that got away. Initially I was paralyzed with night terrors and night mares. Without realizing it I tried to put my fears in my children, especially when my nightmares were them coming to get my children and not me.

I found hope! I found freedom! I found peace of mind finally with God and now God has put it on my heart as a commission as it were to share my testimony, to go out and speak to the traumatized imparting hope and inspiration so much so that God speaking through me would transform and heal and establish his loving purpose and belonging in each person encountered globally.