The choice

It’s hard to get mad at someone when you love them deeply. What would happen if we just simply chose to love everyone that deeply? Isn’t that what we as Christians are called to do? We weren’t made to judge, or to hide in our sins. Humanity wasn’t made to build itself up only to topple over and crash. We were made to love the one and only living God, and to be loved by Him.

“What are we doing?” “Why aren’t we purposeful in presenting the questions to everyone about their generations to come?” “What are you purposefully imprinting in your lineage for generations to come? What wisdom are you showing or giving them?
I am a lifetime learner and it breaks my heart to hear coming out of a 73 year old I have everything I need to know or the 17 year old that isn’t pressing in deeper to know who they are in the Kingdom…God my heart just aches for these people.