The choice

It’s hard to get mad at someone when you love them deeply. What would happen if we just simply chose to love everyone that deeply? Isn’t that what we as Christians are called to do? We weren’t made to judge, or to hide in our sins. Humanity wasn’t made to build itself up only to topple over and crash. We were made to love the one and only living God, and to be loved by Him.

“What are we doing?” “Why aren’t we purposeful in presenting the questions to everyone about their generations to come?” “What are you purposefully imprinting in your lineage for generations to come? What wisdom are you showing or giving them?
I am a lifetime learner and it breaks my heart to hear coming out of a 73 year old I have everything I need to know or the 17 year old that isn’t pressing in deeper to know who they are in the Kingdom…God my heart just aches for these people.



Last year I had seen a post on Facebook for a Missions Trip where dear school mates of mine were going to a Porn Convention with Eve’s Angels to set a new standard for Christians at a Porn Convention. They were called to pray, to help heal and to just love these people for exactly who they were and for where they were.
Visions began from that day of my being there with them and praying along side them giving them hope and yes if they wanted out… a door to get out. I am honored to officially announce that I have been accepted to go with my school mates (Welton Academy) along side Eve’s Angels to bless whomever God brings to us. If this site tugs at your heart and you would like to donate to help out in costs please pm me for further details.
This isn’t radical this is just what Normal Christianity is supposed to look like.


Changing The Atmosphere around you is not filling their ears with what you know, it’s opening your ears to hear what Gods wants you to know for them. ❤ It’s having the goal to make a heart connection – no agenda- no manipulation.

Processing Our Value

Sometimes not dealing with our wounds can bring out a defensive entitled character trait. Time and time again I see it in our son we adopted. If we tell him no to something, immediate defense goes into action partnered with entitlement. As if by my telling him no is transferred and processed as my not valuing who he is to me.

When we examine every part of our being including what comes in our thoughts and out of our mouth we are not following suit with the saying, “Hurting people hurt people” Guarding our hearts is not meaning to stay away from people but in fact the opposite.. yes by all means make contact with as many as possible but guard what is to come out of us.

CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE – Sometimes, some days one at a time.